Art  faber was initiated by a collective of members from French and international economic, academic, and artistic spheres.

The list of its founding members is published in the work Affranchissements, Acting for the Advancement of Art Faber.

The project is operationally supported by the multidisciplinary and international team of the Arts & Business Lab. of EDMP/ Université Paris Panthéon Assas, in cooperation with partners from the economic, cultural, and academic worlds. Of course, contributions from other institutions and experts are also welcome.

Opening Words - Dean of Université Paris Panthéon Assas

Economic worlds, and particularly their legal and managerial dimensions, have long been of central importance to the teaching and research conducted at the University of Paris Panthéon-Assas. Towards the end of the 20th century, eminent colleagues began to take a closer interest in these disciplinary fields, finding fertile inspiration for their own analyses. 

Today, and for the past few decades, the various representations of work, business and more generally of the socio-economic worlds have gained considerable ground as a research subject without, however, being approached in a truly comprehensive manner. Our aim is to take up this challenge by expanding our study to cover all areas of the arts and all parts of the world in a multidisciplinary perspective. A collective of academics and experts from the economic and artistic spheres has thus coalesced around the Arts & Business Laboratory at our university. The federating concept of Art faber was forged here, aiming to encompass creative works of all kinds which focus on the various economic worlds.

It is our sincere hope that this resolutely plural approach to the economic worlds will bring about a profound change in our understanding of these realities, and the way we teach them.



 Prof. Stéphane Braconnier







Lourdes Arizpe : Co-president of the Art faber Collective, former Assistant Director- General of Culture at UNESCO, university full lchair professor, President emeritus of the International Social Science Council,former  President of the International Conference on the Status of Artists, former  President of the International Union of Anthropological Sciences, former Secretary General of the UN World Commission on Culture and Development.

Jérôme Duval Hamel :president of the Art faber Collective, former Senior Executive Vice-President and CEO of several companies in the industrial and cultural sectors,
university full chair  professor, Chairman of the Arts &; Business Lab. at Université Paris-Panthéon-Assas,  President of the Franco-German Committee for the Cultural Industries and of the Franco-German Prize for the Cultural Sectors.

Laurent Pfister:  Vice-president of the Art faber Collective, university full chair professor, Director of the “Artistic assets and the art market" master and the “Art valuation” diploma at Université Paris-Panthéon-Assas

Olivier Babeau: Vice-president  of the Art faber Collective, university full chair professor (Bordeaux), Chairman of Sapiens Institut  

The Scientific & Strategic Boards

C.Briat, Pr. M.Goletty, C.Pitiot,  Pr S. de St Marc, G.Maugis, P. Robert and O. Vigneaux are Heads of the Boards.

Sandrine Gavoille and Mrine Bry are General Secretary